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Engaging any professional realtor brings tools like advertising, personal contacts, and internet search exposure to a seller. But qualitative differences in how those tools are used are vital in luxury markets. Our seller support structure is specifically tailored to bring results for this market segment.

Global Reach

There is nothing more important to the seller of a home than having it seen and appreciated by the right buyer. Showcasing through a professional and user-friendly internet site is a major asset in today’s market; therefore, our web site features usability features that bring potential buyers back to the site again and again. This makes the properties we showcase intimately available for consideration by buyers across the world.

Some of the attractions we offer distant buyers to help marketing:

  • Easy personalization of browsing and searching to make our site a favored portal to Santa Fe properties.
  • Access for buyers to communicate directly with us with questions, regardless of time differences.
  • Superior photographs that showcase property in detail to give a distant purchaser a true sense of its appeal.
  • Custom-developed virtual tours to encourage potential buyers to take further action.

In short, our site is focused not on merely listing properties, but on eliciting and facilitating buyer response.

For Sellers, our internet site offers similar distance-neutral benefits, including secure access to communicate directly with us to keep track of how their property is being marketed.

Aggressive Marketing

Earning your listing with a proposal is one thing. Selling it is quite another. We've become known for having the best inventory of luxury listings in Santa Fe because what we list, we habitually sell.

The underlying basis for this record of success is that we are driven to show your property, and we make sure it is noticed. We actively market our listings with a substantial budget, proven techniques, and a showcase web site that is visited frequently by the right buyers: people who have a pre-determined interest in Santa Fe luxury properties.

We have a solid reputation that has both buyers and other realtors seeking our advice on Santa Fe properties. And we are always accessible to arrange a showing. Always.

Empowering Market Data

As a seller you want your property to compete well in its class, and to be marketed at a level that reflects its unique value.

Since Santa Fe is often a very competitive market, this means that you need reliable intelligence about:

  • Pricing,
  • Property values,
  • Historical trends, and
  • Past, current, and expected future sales dynamics in your specific neighborhood/area.

One of the many advantages we offer our clients is readily accessible data on property sales in the area—from a variety of perspectives. Our in-depth and continually updated database is unlike any other in Santa Fe, and offers you as seller the unparalleled advantage of having deep market data available throughout the sales process. And it enables us to represent your interests to buyers with unassailable factual backup.

Unequaled Service

Though our marketing and data assets are key elements of our services, completing a sale often involves equally important business fundamentals like:

  • Connections,
  • Timing, and
  • Instinct.

Our long-standing relationships with lenders, appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, and relocation experts allow us to provide comprehensive help to clients at every stage of the sales process—for you and, if appropriate, for your buyer. Our perennial leadership position in selling Santa Fe luxury real estate is evidence of how our business is able to further our clients' goals.

We pride ourselves on being professionals who take every opportunity to meet our clients' needs. We want our clients to honestly say that working with us was the best move they could have made in selling their property.