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We understand that as a buyer you need to be "in the know" about more than the size and appearance of a property. You need context:

  • What is the past, current, and probable future character of the surrounding neighborhood or area?
  • How realistic are today's prices in light of investment trends?
  • What characteristics distinguish one property from another?
  • What choice provides the best mix of lifestyle and value for my situation?

Our efficient approach to providing context to our clients consistently earns us a leadership position in area real estate. We enjoy the area. We know the area. And sharing our knowledge is part of our value.

Property Intelligence

We maintain a private database that contains more useful information for evaluating buying options than any other repository in the area.

Our date provides realty intelligence that other brokers envy, integrating otherwise elusive information with public records to factually portray the past and present circumstances of a property and its surroundings. Extrapolating from the data helps buyers more wisely assess:

  • Locations,
  • Resale values,
  • Neighborhood characteristics, and
  • Future development potential.

With the added benefit of our more than thirty years of personal experience in Santa Fe to fill out the picture, our buyer clients have full information to make informed decisions.

Efficient Internet Tools

Anyone using the internet to search for property knows that some resources are simply more useful than others. Our web site has been designed with the express purpose of adding value to all aspects of the real estate experience, including special features tailored for prospective buyers. Site users can:

  • Customize pages to suit viewing preferences,
  • Retain search criteria,
  • Receive notification of new properties of interest,
  • Create a personal file space for saving property information,
  • Communicate quickly with us regardless of time zones, and
  • Easily send and receive documents during the buying process.

In short, our site provides buyers with personalized tools that make exploring properties from a distance more efficient and productive. Since we extend the same discretion and privacy policies we use with face-to-face interaction to our internet interactions, buyers can feel as comfortable dealing with us online as they do in our offices. And once we start working together in person, the internet tools remain a vital path for effective communication and record-keeping.

Unequaled Service

We believe sincerely that there is nothing we cannot get done to help our buyer clients. In fact, we are well-known for spending the time to find out what you want and then finding it for you. Our work ethic is one of the main reasons we have captured a significant percentage of transactions in Santa Fe's luxury market. We are always ready to locate properties that meet your requirements, whether they are officially listed or just quietly available, and we are always ready to arrange viewings when your schedule permits.

There are about a dozen Santa Fe brokers who join us in specializing in luxury properties. After evaluating capabilities, we believe buyers will find that the differences among us show up in the bottom line. Our experience, large inventory, and database have made bottom-line differences to our clients.

Our relationships with high-profile clients are always handled with the utmost discretion: details are always held in confidence. We continue to believe that no one in Santa Fe works harder or more intelligently for their clients - and that the result is service unequaled by any other realtors.