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About Santa Fe


Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one of the most visited cities in the southwestern United States because of its unique blend of natural beauty, multi-faceted culture, recreation, and lifestyle. Among its attractions are:

  • A unique character that honors its rich Native American and Hispanic history
  • Natural beauty in wide-open skies and surrounding mountains, streams, desert and forests—including 1.5 million acres of national forest
  • Crisp, clean climate for year-round recreation (golf, hiking/camping, riding, fishing, skiing)
  • A vibrant arts community (250+ art galleries, museums, symphony & theatre)
  • Sophisticated restaurants, spas, and shopping


Santa Fe housing, like its culture, blends history and lifestyle options to offer comfort and beauty suited to many tastes. The Santa Fe blend of Pueblo, Territorial, Mountain, and Contemporary architectures evokes a sense of timelessness that relaxes and rejuvenates. Luxury living “hot spots” illustrate the varied options available to new residents:

  • Eastside and Canyon Road Residences offer opportunities to own historic properties in prestigious urban settings
  • Golf Communities like Las Campanas, along with other newer construction, offer contemporary suburban conveniences featuring spacious lots and beautiful views
  • Ranches, Horse Properties, Estates, and open land offer space and privacy to pursue individual interests in plains and mountains throughout the area