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When you register you gain these abilities:

  • Personalize the way you want the pages to appear:
    • Viewing: Do you like large or small fonts?
    • Scrolling: How many listings do you want on each page?
    • Priorities: What is your preference for the order of properties (e.g., by price or listing date)?
  • Save searches for later use
    • Results of a search
    • List of features you’ll want to check again
    • Specific property listings you want to keep

If you are listing a property with us, membership also gives you access to marketing information like:

  • Electronic copies of property brochure(s), comparison marketing data, and legal documents involved in listing or sales activities
  • Schedules for planned open houses, and results of each showing
  • Statistics on your property’s exposure (such as how often your property has been viewed on our site), and information about the reactions we have received from visitors and potential buyers who see it in person
  • Status reports on sales efforts, offers, or contract matters

In short, membership is to give you a better buying or selling experience by using the resources of to give you information as you want it, how you want it, and when you want it.